Wednesday, March 4, 2009

2 Week Anniversary!

Today marks our 2-week anniversary, and it has been a busy 2 weeks!  As of the time of this writing, we have 388 Urban Intern profiles and 55 registered employers on the site.  We wanted to share a bit about what we've learned about you since we launched.  On the Urban Intern side, you're focused and determined to find that next flexible opportunity, and many of you are willing to take an unpaid job in order to build your resume, your skill set, and your network.  On the employer side, you're stretched, working insane hours to grow your business, and you need reliable help that can represent your business.  You are looking for people that are responsive, trustworthy, and professional.  You barely have time to search for the right people, let alone interview them.  (And by the way, we get it!  As small business owners, we're right there with you tackling a never-ending to-do list.)

Are you reading us?  If you are an Urban Intern, you need to be proactive and energetic about your job search.  If you are an employer, now is the time to find highly qualified, skilled people without the financial commitment of full-time employees.

Here's what one employer said:
"I am very impressed with Urban Interns.  In record time, I've received and continue to receive contact information from exceedingly qualified candidates that I never would have known about, if it were not for your site.  We are still evaluating many inquiries received to date, and have yet to make a hiring decision for the positions we've posted.  Thanks for launching such a great resource!" -- Barbara Poole, Founder,

...and here's what one Urban Intern said:
"I am hopeful.  This site, although it is still getting started, has made me more positive about my job search and I believe it can help a lot of people in my position.  Thanks again." -- Maria Villena

We were also featured on NY1 (, Fox Business News (sorry, no clip available), and AM New York (!  We encourage you too, to spread the word about Urban Interns on blogs, Facebook, Twitter, wherever you go online...the more people that visit your site, the more people will see your profiles and job postings, making your searches that much more productive.

Feel free to add your comments below!  Your feedback is important to us.

Lauren & Cari


  1. Caught you guys on NY1 this weekend and like the site, tho have yet to get any bites from my applications.

    It might be helpful to either allow for a resumes to be posted on profiles, along with the brief bio, or for the application emails to allow for an attachment or two?

  2. I think the current system allows employers and potentials to show who and what they are looking for. Posting resumes may result in clutter. The directness is one of the things which differentiate this site from all the other job finders.