Thursday, September 24, 2009

Writing an Effective Job Post - an Urban Interns Success Story

Last week we told you about one of our recent users, savvy lawyer and insurance guru, Keith Le Pack. Keith heard about Urban Interns from a colleague and quickly posted a job-on a Friday night, no less.

When we checked in with Keith this week, he already hired an incredible Urban Intern. Now that's the kind of success story we like to hear about!

We're often asked for advice on what makes a good job post, so we decided to do some first-hand research on the topic. (Keith's post being one great example). We found the following common elements among the most effective job posts.
  • Be concise.  While you want to give Urban Interns a comprehensive overview of your position, you don't want prospective candidates to get lost in the details.  Include the key elements (what kind of company, what kind of work) but the rest is better suited for direct communication with interested candidates.
  • What's the opportunity? That's right- Urban Interns are working for you but in order to entice top talent, you also need to make it clear what you're offering. Is it a paid position, do you offer school credit, will you offer the best of the best mentorship and networking?  
  • What's the potential? Do you envision your position as a short-term gig or is their an opportunity for a more  long term arrangement. There's a market for both, just be clear about your goals.
  • Be flexible.  One of the great things about Urban Interns is that you can edit your job post mid-month!  So if you're not getting the number of responses you wished for, consider re-thinking the terms of the position and what you're willing to invest in it.
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