Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Employer Report: Virtual Internships - An Update

A few weeks ago we highlighted for you a WSJ Article on virtual internships.

Since then, we have seen many employers turning to Urban Interns for virtual help to fill a variety of virtual needs. Some examples:
  • Los Angeles-based software company seeking business development intern.
  • Silicon Valley startup seeking part-time blogger - can work from anywhere.
  • Web 2.0 startup seeking community manager for website to manage social networking profiles, respond to question/inquires about the company, and initiate conversations in applicable community.
  • iPhone App Developer and Publisher looking for online marketing and PR internfor keyword research, app description optimization. 
  • NYC Social Media firm looking for social media intern to do keyword research, link-building and article posting.
So what does this mean to all you employers?
  • Hiring virtual interns is a growing trend and one that you should consider for your business.  Imagine having access to a pool of part-time help - students and graduates from top tier schools, seasoned professionals - that extends beyond your local area.  
  • The advantages of a virtual intern extend beyond cost and logistics.  Are you short on office space?  They work from home.  Do you like work that's done while you sleep?  Set up your virtual intern's hours to be during nighttime hours.
  • So many of today's small business owner's daily needs lend themselves to virtual work: blogging, social media, business development, research.  Sound familiar? Search here.
What to do once you've hired someone?  In our next Employer Report, we'll explore how to best manage a virtual intern.

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