Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Top 5 Reasons to Enjoy Work - and Working! - This Summer

Anyone else besides us take a look at the calendar recently and realize it's almost SUMMER?! How did that happen? When you work for yourself, there's often a tendency to lose track of time (seasons, dates....). Our work calendar is marked with many significant dates, but rarely are they tied to the rest of the world's calendar.

But yes, it's almost summer, which means, even those of us with the busiest of schedules need to find some time to enjoy.

So, as we approach Memorial Day Weekend, we've taken a minute to think of the Top Five Reasons to Enjoy Work this Summer:

5. While the rest of the world may slow down, start-ups stay busy. Proof point number 1-- one of the most active times on Urban Interns is Saturday night, followed closely by holidays. Startups work on their own calendar, and that includes staying focused throughout the summer.

4. The Days are Longer. While technically summer days don't include a 25th hour, it sure is nice to feel like we have some more time and energy in each day.

3. No More TV. That's right. There's nothing on television to distract us. No more endless discussion of Gossip Girl, 24, Lost. Our dvr's go into hibernation while we come up with other ways to fill our "down" time (unless of course something great is starting soon- if so, let us know!)

2. Company Picnics. Just kidding. Our idea of a picnic is sitting outside our office while we eat lunch, but still, it's good to mix up the routine from time to time.

1. It's Time to Take a Break. While you may be thinking this contradicts Number 5 and the idea that entrepreneurs are all work all the time, the truth is we all need some time to recharge our batteries. Taking a step away from the routine and approaching your business with fresh eyes actually makes you more productive, not less. So whether your idea of a break is an hour, an afternoon, or a month (and if it's a month, can we work for you??), find some time to make it happen. After all, you'll have some great Urban Interns keeping things going while you're gone.

...and of course, the corollary...the Top Reasons to Enjoy WORKING This Summer!

5. Air conditioning. Seriously. While it might be 90 degrees outside (and in your apartment), you can usually count on most office buildings - even startups - to have A/C. It may just keep you sane!

4. The Days are Longer. This goes for those in workforce too, but for different reasons. You need to fill your days. May as well do something productive and fulfilling!

3 & 2. No More TV & Company Picnics. Guess these are true for everyone as well!

1. Break Time! It's well documented that at businesses of every size, summer is the time when employees take the time to get to know each other outside of the office. And restaurants and coffee shops are thrilled to oblige with happy hours and specials (we personally are loving the Frappucino Happy Hours at Starbucks). Not only is socializing with your co-workers fun and refreshing, it is a networking tool, AND it makes you more productive by getting you out of the office for a little while. So enjoy!

Let us know what's on your list, and have a very Happy Memorial Day.

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