Friday, May 14, 2010

it matters how you market

...and that applies to your job description.

Fact: How you write your job description can directly impact the number of responses you receive.

Don't believe us? Try it yourself. Go back and edit the title of your job or maybe even the entire thing and watch to see if you receive an uptick in responses.

Yes, by offering someone a job you're offering them an opportunity. But job seekers won't know just how unique your position is (compared to the many others on Urban Interns) unless you showcase it.

So what are some elements of a good job description? Heed our "Three P's":
  • People: This is where you brag about how great your company culture is, the amazing results you achieve together, the exciting team you're building and how the open role fits into it, including who your hire reports to and who he or she will be working with.
  • Perks: While the People are sure to be amazing, don't be afraid to entice with the other characteristics of the position, i.e. the pay situation, opportunities for career advancement and future employment, travel or work from home, access to great contacts, parties, and even free food.
  • Pizzazz: This is the "stand out from the crowd" factor. You can be hiring for the least glamorous position but surely you're working on interesting projects or are developing a top notch brand or have the BEST founders (don't all entrepreneurs think that about themselves?!) Don't be afraid to flaunt it.
And while it should go without saying -- don't forget to describe in detail the duties and qualifications of the position. Try to squeeze all of this into less than 300 words, or else you might lose people.


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